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We offer a full range of soundproofing solutions.

Working with leading manufacturers, we are able to offer a full service for all soundproofing products.

Soundproof flooring: Regupol and Karma are industry standards. From under carpet solutions to under screed, we have many options available

Soundproof Walls: For the build phase and re-fit – sound proofing walls can be tricky; but not with our help

Soundproof ceilings: Another tricky area of soundproofing. We have all the products you need to ensure your room has the right amount of soundproofing

Industrial soundproofing: From noisy equipment to pipe laggings. We are the one-stop-shop for your industrial acoustic and soundproofing needs

Leading Brands in Soundproofing Solutions:


The industry standard for many flooring types. This German brand offer full solutions. We can advise on the best products for your particular circumstances


Karma Soundlay Is ideal for domestic use. Being easy to install and a highly effective soundproofing solution, Soundlay is one of our biggest sellers



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Advice and guidance

Receive qualified advice on soundproofing solutions. Our in-house team are able to advise on a range of soundproofing issues from recording studios through to meeting rooms and hospitality. Many of our solutions are also DIY which means you will be able to, in many cases, make significant differences to sound transmission issues without the need for bringing in specialist installation services.

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