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We offer primarily two brands of soundproofing products; Regupol and Karma

Regupol are German based market-leading brand of acoustic underlay and underscreed for building and refurbishment projects.

Karma products are manufactured in the UK and are ideal for domestic soundproofing, refurbishments and after-completion treatment.

Regupol and karma solutions are available to buy online

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Most Popular Regupol and Karma Products

Karma Soundlay

One of our most popular products on the site, Soundlay is an effective solution to stop unwanted airborne and impact based sound being transmitted between rooms and floors. When installed in conjunction with soundlay gripper strips, a soundproof seal is created within the room underneath the top floor layer. It is a cost-effective solution for home based projects. Available in sheets of 1.2m2, wastage is kept to a minimum.

Regupol 3912

Perfect for refurbishment projects, 3912 helps to control impact and airborne sound. Suitable for use under any floor type (may need hard layer adding for some floor types), it is tough and durable and available in 15m2 rolls. It is a cost-effective solution for refurbishment and flooring sectors

Regubond 100

An easy to use and highly effective adhesive for acoustic underlays. Regubond 100 is the ideal accessory for flooring which require bonding

Karma Soundlay acoustic underlay
Karma Soundlay Acoustic Underlay
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