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Superlag Prime Rock- Industrial Soundproofing

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SuperLag Superflex Rw features an isolation layer of stitch reinforced mineral fibre laminated to a flexible dense acoustic barrier with a fire rated foil facing.

Product SRI (Rw) Thickness (mm) Size
Superlag Prime Rock 3kg/25 26dB 40 2000x1200mm
Superlag Prime Rock 3kg/50 40 2000x1200mm
Superlag Prime Rock 5kg/25 28dB 40 2000x1200mm
Superlag Prime Rock 5kg/50 27dB 40 2000x1200mm
Superlag Prime Rock 10kg/25 30dB 40 2000x1200mm
Superlag Prime Rock 10kg/50 32dB 40 2000x1200mm




Superlag Prime Rock Soundproofing and Vapour Barrier

SuperLag Prime Rock is a highly flexible material consisting of a three-part laminate incorporating a spacer or isolating layer, a very flexible heavy mass layer and an outer flame/vapour barrier. It overcomes the need for a separate isolation layer normally required beneath most forms of acoustic lagging. It is a highly efficient acoustic insulation for ductwork, pipes, enclosures and similar applications where a considerable reduction in the passage of noise is required combined with ease of application.

Key features and benefits:

  • The isolation layer reduces the transfer of sound and vibration excitation from transmitting from the noise source to the high mass barrier, it also provides a high level of sound absorption thus absorbing noise emitted from the surface
  • The super flexible acoustic barrier reflects the sound energy back into the mineral fibre to be further absorbed
  • Available in various weights and thicknesses to meet the sound reduction requirements of a range of applications and specification requirements
  • The product is dimensionally stable under various conditions of temperature and humidity
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Excellent acoustic performance with low thermal conductivity
  • Low toxicity
  • Highly flexible and durable
  • Suitable for installation on smaller pipes


Designed for use on ductwork pipes and lagging (and similar application areas), Superlag Prime Rock is an effective sound and moisture barrier for industrial applications and above suspended ceilings in any environment where noisy works make it necessary. Installing above suspended ceilings is an excellent way to reduce sound in offices


With short lead times, Superlag is an excellent product choice to quickly get the acoustic in check for your industrial space. It can be used in isolation to solve a noisy pipe or as part of a larger scale acoustics and soundproofing treatment. Managing the volume within the working environment is a top priority: research shows that in an adequately acoustically treated room staff productivity and happiness levels are considerably higher than in working environments where this is not the case


As acoustics and soundproofing experts, we offer impartial guidance to help you make an informed product choice for any acoustic or soundproofing project. We have decades of experience between us and there isn’t a sound problem we haven’t solved. Get in touch with us today to discuss your project

Some of the areas we can advise you in:

  • Suitable products and their benefits, (and drawbacks) across all sectors including residential, industrial and commercial
  • Acoustic requirements for the project
  • Reverb time reduction
  • Sound transmission issue solving
  • the difference between reverberation and transmission issues

Additional information

Superlag Rock Specification

Superlag Prime Rock 3/25, Superlag Prime Rock 3/50, Superlag Prime Rock 5/25, Superlag Prime Rock 5/50, Superlag Prime Rock 10/25, Superlag Prime Rock 10/50

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