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Damping Sheet (self-adhesive backing)

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Damping Sheet

CMS Danskin Acoustics DS Damping Sheet is a bitumen enriched, self adhesive backed material manufactured from a mixture of bitumen, plasticizers and elastomers. The adhesive backing is protected by a silicon release paper that permits easy storing and stacking.



Acoustic Performance
CMS Danskin Acoustics DS Damping Sheet is a high performance material that has been acoustically tested at a UKAS certified independent test laboratory.

Tested and rated according to:

BS EN ISO 717-1:2013


• Available in sheet form
• Flexible and easily cut
• Easy to handle and install
• Available in four standard weights
• Provides a cost effective sound proofing solution

• Sound proofing of formed steel or aluminium panels and cabinets
• Steel panels in the automotive industry and agricultural machinery
• Widely used in air-conditioning ductwork and the white goods industry
• Used in conjunction with our other soundproofing products to dramatically enhance acoustic performance


As acoustics and soundproofing experts, we offer impartial guidance to help you make an informed product choice for any acoustic or soundproofing project. We have decades of experience between us and there isn’t a sound problem we haven’t solved. Get in touch with us today to discuss your project

Some of the areas we can advise you in:

  • Suitable products and their benefits, (and drawbacks) across all sectors including residential, industrial and commercial
  • Acoustic requirements for the project
  • Reverb time reduction
  • Sound transmission issue solving
  • the difference between reverberation and transmission issues

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Additional information

Damping Sheet Specification

Damping Sheet DS10 10kgm2 Self-Adhesive, Damping Sheet DS05 5kgm2 Self-Adhesive

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