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BuzziBalance – Acoustic Seating

£895.00£1,720.00 EX VAT

Rocking board with sound absorbing seating
Curved bottom in solid wood ash natural | Seat upholstered with Cat A Fabric

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Rock away

Create a non-traditional environment that brings people together, provoking joy and conversation. This is an active seating pouf with sound-absorbing qualities, designed to encourage movement in the office.

Sit or stand up

BuzziBalance family offers both a seating, in two heights, and a standing element in two sizes.

While standing, BuzziBalance Board becomes a muscle activator. As you balance on the wooden-carved rocking board for a few moments, your mind and body are awakened.

Active seating

The higher seating element in the family offers you a perfect alternative to a task chair.

The wooden dome stimulates to move your core and to stretch your back for a quick phone call or gather and rock away during a creative session.

The lowest version, in different sizes, allows for a playful seating element for lounges and break out rooms.

Additional information

BuzziBalance Design

Large ø980 x 380mm, Small High ø560 x 465mm, Small ø560 x 380mm


Aqua, Army, Aubergine, Azure, Beige, Black, Blue, Dark Brown, Dolphin, Fire, Fushsia, Indigo, Ivory, Kiezel, LightBlue, LightGrey, Mandarin, MidGrey, Mint, Naturel, Navy, Ocean Blue, Olive, Orange, Petrol, Pink, Pistache, Prune, Purple, Red, Rust, Shitake, Taupe, Violet, Yellow

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