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Baux Wood Wool Panel – Arch

£63.99£77.99 EX VAT

BAUX Acoustic wood wool Panels is an environment-friendly, recyclable material made from wood wool, cement and water. The natural components together provide many functional characteristics. BAUX Acoustic wood wool Panels is available in 7 patterns; Quilted, Check, Stripes, Lines, Diagonal, Arch and Curve. All designed to be combined into infinity.

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Baux Wood Wool Acoustic Panels Arch are highly decorative sound absorbers and thermal regulators.



Made using only natural materials, the acoustic panels are environmentally sound and are recyclable.




Baux Wood Wool Acoustic panels arch absorb moisture from the air when humid and emit moisture in lower humidity to help create a pleasant indoor environment. Mould is discouraged by the high pH value of the panels.




Owing to the natural  materials used for their manufacture, wood wool stores heat and releases it in colder conditions. This contributes to lower energy costs, lower environmental impact for the space in which they are installed and a stable indoor climate which increases comfort.




The acoustics in residential buildings, industrial locations and public spaces are improved through the installation of wood wool panels. The open material structure reduces the reflection of sound through absorption.



BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool is fire resistant and is type-approved as protective cladding with a class 1 coating.



Measurements show that emissions from BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool are extremely low. The strong surface can cope with vacuum cleaning, and use of the product in restaurants and other sensitive environments show that the boards do not emit dust or particles.


Baux Tiles can be easily installed using magnets, glue, through suspension, included in ceiling grids or any other method you choose

If you require any help with any aspect of your project, from installation guides and help through to technical and acoustic help, please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to one of our in-house acoustic experts who will be able to guide you. Our team is experienced across the fields of acoustics and soundproofing and will be able to offer any help you need.

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Baux Panel Options

Panel with Installation Magnet, Panel without Installation Magnet

Choose your Baux Colour

Clouds Dark Grey, Clouds Grey, Clouds White, Earth Brown, Earth Dust Brown, Earth Sand Brown, Earth Soil Brown, Heat Clay Red, Heat Peach Red, Heat Rust Red, Heat Skin Red, Sky Antique Blue, Sky Day Blue, Sky Dust Blue, Sky Navy Blue, Wood Moss Green, Woods Bright Green, Woods Pale Green, Cloud Black, Wood Pine Green

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