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Acoustic/Soundproofing Plasterboard (15mm) 1.2m2

£6.62 EX VAT

Soundproofing plasterboard.

This is a dense plasterboard for use in areas where sound insulation is critical. The board is stronger, harder and heavier than standard plasterboard.

The board is coloured blue on the front and grey on the back, and has tapers down the long edges.
Name and batch number of the board is written at the back and on the long edges of the board.

Can be used with rockwool, isomax clip and channel systems or on its own as a stand alone solution

Each board measures 1.2m x 1m x 15mm



Handling & Fixing
The board may be cut using the ‘score and snap’ method. No power tools are required.
Fixings must be suitable for the intended substrate

Physical Properties
Flexural Strength to BS EN 520:

15.0 mm board
Longitudinal breaking load ≥ 650 N
Transverse breaking load ≥ 250 N

Fire, acoustic & duty performance dependent on whole system.

Reaction to fire:
Euroclass A2-s1, d0
Moisture Content:
< 2 %
13.0 kg/m2 for 15 mm board


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