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14Six8 Hide Acoustic Pod

£300.00 EX VAT

Hide was designed to give a busy employee their own space to focus and get their head down in a busy office environment. Using acoustic friendly material HIDE helps absorb sound in a noisy office thus helping avoid distractions.


Lead Time – 4 -6 Weeks

Made in the UK

Flat packed and assembled upon delivery


Due to the ever increasing popularity of open plan office spaces as well as more staff working remotely and only coming into work occasionally, hot-desking is becoming more and more prevalent.


The idea behind HIDE is to give every employee their own space to concentrate without visual distractions. Because we use acoustic material, HIDE helps absorb sound in any office space prone to the noisy hustle and bustle of a busy office environment.


Additional information

14Six8 Colours

Azure, Charcoal Grey, Cherry Red, Deep Blue, Ice White, Midnight Blue, Opal, Orange, Purple, Sand, Slate Grey, Soft Blue, Teal, White, Yellow

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