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We offer the range of Luvanto Flooring Endure Pro, acoustic LVT perfect for the home and office.

Luvanto Endure Pro is known as the new generation of luxury design flooring. Luvanto Endure has an improved warranty, a tough 0.7mm wear layer, and acoustic backing meaning maximum sound reduction. This particular range is perfect for busy on the go home owners as it is easy to clean and will last a lifetime. It also has a high slip resistant (R10) which ensures safety for elderly and young children who are not so steady when it comes to walking.

The acoustics of the product can be improved by installing an acoustic underlay before the flooring for double protection against impact and airborne sound transmission. This is particularly useful when installing in non ground floor flats and upstairs in houses. Soundlay and Regupol 3912 are both excellent products for this.

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Soundproofing your floor

Managing the movement of footfall noise and general household noise between floors in flats and houses is easier than one might think.

With the correct flooring and accessories, it can be achieved for relatively little cost.

Combining these products with acoustic underlay and perimeter strips is an excellent way to achieve excellent results. Two options for extra underlay are Soundlay and Regupol 3912.

“Regupol® 3912 Acoustic Underlayment which is tough durable and designed to attenuate impact and airborne sound at source. It can be bonded to all types of base floors and is supplied in 6mm thick rolls.

Being manufactured from PUR foam, Regupol® 3912 Acoustic Underlayment’s principle use is for the refurbishment market and is ideal for use beneath carpets, hardwood floors, battens T&G chipboard etc.”

“Soundlay Acoustic underlay material is available in two formats – Soundlay and Soundlay Plus – offering a high performance floor noise barrier and reducing both impact and airborne sound. Soundlay Plus offers additional airborne and impact sound insulation where superior noise control is necessary.”

The use of Soundlay gripper rods will also greatly increase the acoustic performance of the system by stopping sound escaping in small gaps by the skirting. This is particularly useful when the work is not being completed as part of a full refurbishment and the client does not want the skirting boards etc replacing.

For even more effectiveness, putty pads could be used inside plug sockets to stop even more sound leaving the room and transferring to unintended areas.

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