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Noisy machinery and health and safety concerns, we have all the products needed for industrial soundproofing.

These solutions work especially well when combined with acoustic treatment in specific areas to avoid sound transmission to different areas and to control the noise in a given area making the workplace much safer and more pleasant to work in. This leads to healthier, happier  and more productive staff.

Control of sound and soundproofing in industry

Pipes, pumps, cutting equipment and all types of industrial production generates noise. Controlling the noise can lead to huge benefits for staff and for the productivity of the business.

Our in-house team are on hand to guide you through product selection and installation requirements/recommendations to help you make the most informed choice on how to treat your room.

Noise treatment is often required to ensure your workplace is compliant with the HSE. For further information this please visit the HSE website here

We are experienced in solving noise issues by soundproofing enclosures and rooms against industrial equipment such as generators and heavy machinery. When a standard product is not the best option, we are experts at creating bespoke solutions to ensure that noise regulations are met and can perform the necessary calculations for you where required.

You may find our blog on decibels interesting.

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Here are a few examples of products and their use:

Pipe Lagging – With a self-adhesive backing, Superlag fits tightly around piping and lagging to prevent noise entering the working environment. Designed specifically for this purpose, this solution will reduce noise significantly where used

Soundblocker perimeter strips –  Where suspended ceilings are installed in industrial spaces, these strips installed around the perimeter next to partitions will stop sound travelling over the partition.

Soundblocker Tiles – Used above suspended ceilings, these are ideal for stopping sound transmission

Here is an interesting article found on the BBC News website showing just one if the effects industrial noise can have on the environment


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