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Sound absorbing panels for the home office increase comfort and productivity. In a time where home working is becoming common place, ensuring your space and the space of your employees is adequately treated acoustically is essential. We offer a wide range of home office acoustics products and are on hand to offer advice and guidance on their use, installation and effectiveness.

Acoustic panels for offices and home offices come in a range of materials, finishes, shapes and sizes.

Foam: Lightweight with a self-adhesive backing, these easy to install acoustic panels offer Class A (the best) absorption and offer excellent value for money, performance and aesthetic qualities.. Foam acoustic absorbing panels are wrapped in fabric, with a wide choice available.

Printed Acoustic Panels: The fabric wrapped foam acoustic panels can also be printed to give unique designs, famous art pieces, family photos or any other image, pattern or colour scheme you can imagine.

Cork: Environmentally friendly and easy to install. These make an excellent choice to use sound absorbing panels to add a touch of class to your home office.

PET: Recycled and recyclable, PET is acoustically absorbent and comes in many shapes and colours

Fabric: Acoustic wall coverings and wallpaper offer excellent acoustic absorption and are pinnable – ideal for home office acoustics and the classroom


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Sound absorbing panels for the home office

There is a wide choice of panels to improve your home-office acoustics. They vary in size, shape, cost and design. Here are a few of our most popular panels which have been installed into home offices.

Peel and Stick Autex Composition – Acoustic fabric wallpaper supplied in handy sized tiles and available in a range of colours.

Echo Print – Printed Acoustic Panels – These are perfect for the home office. Artwork, company logos, family portraits – all can be printed onto acoustically transparent fabric and wrapped about class A foam. Easily installed using the peel and stick backing

BuzziSkin – an acoustic wallpaper. Covering a whole wall with BuzziSkin will improve the acoustics and add practicality through being pinnable. BuzziSkin Printed provides extra customisability

Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels – Available in a range of shapes, these Class A absorbers are supplied with a peel and stick, self-adhesive backing which makes them easy to install. Available in a range of colours, these are an excellent addition to all home office set-ups.

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