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Scottish company Friends of Wilson introduce elegantly designed acoustic solutions such as screens and wall panels, all built with aesthetics and acoustics in mind

Blending functionality and creativity is their ethos, producing perfectly designed office dividers and panels to help reduce reverb in any workplace. Their experience in interior design and working with architects puts us in the perfect position add functionality and style to any office

all thyeir products are vailabel buy online

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Most Popular Friends of Wilson Products

Tessellate Acoustic Panels

Recycled and recyclable acoustic panels presented in a range of colours, Tessellate acoustic panels tick all the boxes for aesthetics, performance and safety (non-toxic and fire rated).

Manufactured by Autex, peace of mind is assured that the quality of the end product will be second to none.

Facade Hanging Screen

A gem in our range of acoustic screen and dividers, these screens make the perfect addition to the office to improve speech intelligibility, aide social distancing, privacy while maintaining an open plan and relaxing feel within any space. These screens are made in Germany using 100% wool felt and are available in 16 colours, which are dyed using environmentally friendly products. At 5mm in thickness, they are lightweight and pack a punch aesthetically and acoustically. Combining a number of screens or these screens as part of a wider acoustic solution will offer maximum effectiveness.

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