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Acoustic Baffles Installation Examples

Benefits of Good Acoustics

The benefits of good acoustics are often overlooked when designing spaces such as offices, classrooms and meeting room. An acoustically treated room has many benefits and offers endless design options Combining acoustic treatment with soundproofing measures early in the building…

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Office Acoustics Issue Solved By ClearSound

Office Acoustics Issue Solved

The Issue We were approached to solve some office acoustics issues for a large firm in Leeds. Their room was reverberating and which had the knock-on effect of causing teleconferencing calls to become very echoey at the other party’s end.…

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The Benefits Of Wood Wool Acoustic Panels

Benefits of Wood Wool

Made from only natural products, wood wool acoustic panels are an environmentally friendly acoustic solution. Basic Info: Manufactured from Swedish wood, cement and water (plus paint if you choose coloured panels) It is a sustainable acoustic solution BAUX wood wool…

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BuzziSkin Home Office Acoustic Solution From Clearsound Acoustics

Home Office Acoustics

As working from home becomes the norm, the creation of a suitable home office space is not only desirable for the home-worker, but for their company too; ensuring staff are able to work productively, happily and comfortably must be a…

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What type of Product do I need?

Do I need Soundproofing or absorption? When it comes to controlling sound, there are two main types of problems - and two main solutions. The first question that needs answering is: Are you wanting to stop sound entering/leaving the room…

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Acoustic Panel

Muffle Sound with Acoustic Solutions

Using acoustic panels, rafts, screens and baffles to Muffle sound is an excellent way to improve the acoustics in any space. Acoustic panels, sometimes referred to as sound absorbing boards or panels, are made of various materials, ranging from melamine…

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