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Welcome to the ClearSound Blog

Here you will find interesting articles on all things ClearSound and acoustics. These will include:

Tips on improving acoustics in different spaces

We will bring to you important information about the acoustic requirements of many different spaces. From schools and home offices, through to hospitals and meeting rooms, we have the experience to help you solve any kind of sound issue. If you have questions relating to other spaces, or would like any further information do not hesitate to get in touch via phone, email or chat

Technical info on products and their uses etc.

In these blogs you will discover the more nitty gritty aspects of the products and how they do what they say do. They may sometimes be brief, but they can  help you make an informed decision on the whether or not this is the right product for the problem you are facing

Case studies of where we have helped customers overcome their sound related issues

Helping customers is the whole point of our existence and we take great pride in providing the right information and help to people. Here you will see our results


The blog is updated on a regular basis to make sure to keep visiting. You are welcome to share these onto social media channels and to follow ours, links to which you can find on the header bar at the top of the website pages

Our LinkedIn page is an excellent source of company news

Make sure you keep checking the ClearSound blog!

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