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Soundproofing A Ceiling For Part E 2

Part E Building Regulations

We were recently commissioned to install a soundproofing system which would meet Part E of the governments building regulations. The project was a change of purpose project, converting a garage into a living space below a flat in Leeds. To…

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Acoustic Underlay - A Guide To Choosing The Right Product - Soundlay 15mm - Airborne And Impact Sound Reduction

Acoustic Underlay – A Quick Guide

Acoustic underlay is available in a range of thicknesses/densities and is made from a variety of materials. To help you determine the most suitable product for your needs we have put together this short guide. Key factors to consider: Acoustical…

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Soundproofing Material - Acoustic Plaserboard

Soundproofing Material

A guide to soundproofing material   Soundproofing material When it comes to choosing the right soundproofing material there are a few key things to consider Mass – the mass of the soundproofing material is one of the key factors determining…

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Autex Cube - Acoustic Panels - A Beginners' Guide

Acoustic Panels

Made from a range of materials, acoustic panels are used to absorb sound in spaces where there is more reverb or echo than is wanted. Excess reverb in a space can cause many problems for a room’s occupants such as:…

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Acoustic Baffles Installation Examples

Benefits of Good Acoustics

The benefits of good acoustics are often overlooked when designing spaces such as offices, classrooms and meeting room. An acoustically treated room has many benefits and offers endless design options Combining acoustic treatment with soundproofing measures early in the building…

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