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Formed in 1967 in New Zealand, Autex have grown to become a market-leading acoustic brand. Their innovated range of products ticks the boxes for acoustic performance and design. Loved by architects, designers and end-users alike, their position in the market is strong and we are happy to be partnered together to offer their products for online sale.

We have selected many of their products for online sale and they can be viewed by clicking the link below. If there is an Autex product you would like but don’t see, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be able to help you.

Click to see the full Autex range

Most popular Autex Products and their use


An acoustic wallpaper/full-wall covering, composition is probably the most famous acoustic wallpaper. Available in large selection of colours, there is something for everyone. Measuring only 12mm in thickness, it can be used on almost any surface and combined with soundproofing products like TecSound SY to combine soundproofing and acoustic solutions. Now also available in super-easy to install peel and stick tiles. Easily cuttable, these are ideal for the home, home-office or boardroom. Keep an eye on our clearance section for some great deals on Composition


Cube is an acoustic wall panel installed easily with contact adhesive. It is pinnable and excellent for full-wall solutions and creating unique patterns using various colours. Contact us for further information on how we can make it into custom shapes to create your own unique designs. Cube is very useful in the classroom, offices, reception areas and break-out rooms. Keep an eye on our clearance section for some great deals on Cube


Hanging acoustic rafts, Horizon can be installed to be the centre piece of a room or a discrete acoustic solution. Horizon is a market leading acoustic raft available in circular, hexagonal, square, rectangular, elliptical and triangular forms with a large range of colour choices. Design possibilities are endless.

3D Tiles

3D tiles are available in many designs and colours and form the centre piece of any office easily with their striking features and colours. An excellent acoustic absorber, when incorporated into a wider acoustic treatment their effectiveness is increased even more through design features and endless design possibilities.

Quietspace Acoustic Panels

Acoustic foam panels available in plain black or white. Offering up to class A absorption, these panels are an ideal solution for many spaces such as offices, boardrooms, meeting rooms, break-out areas, home offices and many more.

Benefits of choosing an Autex Acoustic solution

Aside from a wide product choice with substantial colour and design options, as a market leader Autex and ClearSound offer unrivalled and unbeatable service and pricing. We work closely together to ensure we can service the market and, here at ClearSound, we are determined to provide unbeatable service and quality of product. All the products available are traceable with a minimal carbon footprint. We care greatly about sustainability and work hard to reduce the environmental impact of the products, the transportation/delivery of orders and our office activities.

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