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UK based AllSfär offer a range of acoustic solutions for commercial interiors each created with a unique blend of aesthetics, functionality and usability

From wall panels to desk dividers and acoustic lighting, the range includes some eye-catching pieces such as the acoustically absorbent tree (ideal for any office space)

allsfar acoustic solutions available from clearsound acoustics







We are pleased to offer the AllSfär range, if there is a product you would like but do not see on the site, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Most popular AllSfär products and their use


Diffuse acoustic screens combine design aesthetics with acoustic practicality to increase acoustic comfort and wellbeing in the workplace. The flexible, modular design includes a range of different sizes and shapes and allows you to define different spaces

AllSfär Grove Tree

Grove acoustic tree allows you to bring a little of the outside in, no matter how small your space. with an innovative design made from 60% recycled PET, it’s visually striking, light and easy to move around.

AllSfär Orbit Leaf Standing Screen

The floor-standing screens are designed to be strong and versatile to ensure they meet the demands of today’s fast-changing work environments.

AllSfär Eclipse Acoustic Light

Even small changes can make a big difference when it comes to acoustics and lighting is no exception

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