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We offer a full range of acoustic wallpaper and wall coverings

Acoustic wallpapers and coverings offer excellent absorption for many spaces, particularly in education. Classroom acoustics can be greatly improved by using acoustic coverings such as Peel and Stick Composition, Autex Composition or BuzziSpace BuzziSkin. They also double up as pinboards, making them extra useful, particularly in the classroom setting


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Key benefits of acoustic wallpaper

  • Pinnable
  • Generally around 0.4 NRC which means covering a decent sized wall will make a significant positive impact to the room’s acoustics
  • Suitable for many spaces such as:
    • Classrooms
    • Offices
    • Home offices
    • Libraries
    • Reception areas
    • Waiting rooms
    • Conference and meeting rooms

Installation techniques for acoustic wallpaper varies:

Autex Composition Peel and Stick is very simply. Supplied in tiles with a self-adhesive peel and stick backing.

BuzziSkin is supplied in rolls which also has a self-adhesive backing.

Autex Composition is supplied in rolls and is installed using contact-adhesive type glue.

All three products can easily be cut using a sharp Stanley blade.


If you have any questions about acoustic fabric and wallpaper, or acoustics and soundproofing in general, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our in-house acoustics team who are on-hand to help

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