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We offer a full range of acoustic screens and office dividers which are available to buy online

Screens are an excellent way to divide and separate areas, whist also providing a combination of privacy, sound absorption, reverberation reduction and design. Adding some acoustic screens into a space will not only help staff concentrate more easily and be more productive, but create separations, privacy areas and look great!


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The Perfect Office Partition

Using acoustic screens as office partitions can aide in:

  • increasing privacy within the office
  • creating a quieter and calmer working environment
  • increasing staff productivity by reducing distractions
  • maintaining social distancing


Acoustic screens and office dividers can be installed to suspended ceilings (check the load capacity for the grid before installing), directly to soffits, or can be freestanding (with or without wheels) for a mobile solution. Mobile solutions are particularly useful in larger spaces such as church halls where larger spaces can be broken down into smaller ones of different sizes for various amounts of people.

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If you have any questions about acoustic screens and dividers or any other acoustic/soundproofing project please do not hesitate to get in touch with our in-house acoustics team.

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