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We offer a range of acoustic lighting solutions which are available to buy online

Gaining popularity quickly, combining acoustics and lighting design offers a two-in-one solution. Design focussed lighting which absorbs sound is a very popular option amongst designers. We offer the most popular designs across the leading brands and are on hand to advise you on your acoustic lighting solutions


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Lighting solutions: office acoustics plus aesthetics

All our acoustic lights are driven by design and aesthetics mixed with acoustic absorption to create the perfect dual-purpose lighting unit.

With large choices in colours, styles and designs, there is surely something to suit all tastes, decors and building styles.

We work with two main manufacturers of acoustic lighting and will be constantly adding to their range of lights:

Abstracta: Swedish brand Abstracta are a market-leading furniture company whose lighting is gaining notoriety throughout the world. The Lily leads the way and offers a unique lighting solution with its large, flat lily-like design.

BuzziSpace: Belgian manufacturer BuzziSpace have a large range of acoustic lighting (more will be added onto ClearSound constantly) to suit all offices and spaces.

If you have any questions about lighting, acoustics, installations or any other related matter, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our in-house team of acoustic experts are on hand to help in all areas. We can help with your acoustic and soundproofing project from start to finish.

abstracta lighting solutions available from clearsound acoustics


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