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Acoustic And Fire Rated Door Seals

Acoustic Door Seals – Advantages and Uses

The door is often the weakest point when it comes to sound transmission. Without a sufficiently treated door (or a large acoustic door), soundproofing efforts can come undone because of the gaps around a door

We are going to look at acoustic door seals – advantages and uses

Here is our Norseal range

These gaps around a door are totally natural, indeed the door wouldn’t shut if it was the exact same size as the hole provided for it. In order to maximise your soundproofing effort, attention must be paid to the door and using acoustic door seals are one way to do this. Advantages of such a treatment include:

  • Cost effective soundproofing method
  • Can be easy to install
  • Available in different lengths
  • Quick delivery times – no delays to projects
  • Cheaper than an acoustic door
  • Provides high rates of soundproofing against time, effort and cost
  • Fitting the seals does not detrimentally affect the fire rating of doors


The Norseal range of acoustic door seals offers unbeatable performance and price combination. With same day processing and extremely quick deliveries, we are able to offer peace of mind for all soundproofing projects where a brand new, specialist acoustic door is not available due to space or budget

One of the more popular seal, the NOR820, is designed for retro fit use – this means that you do not have to use a joiner or similar to cut into door etc. These can be applied to the inside or outside of the door and offer excellent acoustic protection. Added to this, the NOR820 offers excellent protection against smoke

We currently offer a range of 5 Norseal acoustic and fire door seals:

Product Available Lengths (mm)
NOR510 2100
NOR855 1000


NOR810 320












NOR710 2100


NOR820 400










If you require something from the Norseal range which you do not see above, do not hesitate to contact us. We have chosen these products for their popularity and more ‘universal’ uses, but we have access to the full catalogue and will gladly source whichever seal most suits your needs

When using acoustic door seals here are some important points to remember:

  • A soundproofing system is only as good as its weakest point – think of sound acting like water. You can have a 99% waterproof roof, but the 1% will let water in!
  • The door will often be the hardest and most expensive part to soundproof. Using a door seal can add significant acoustic properties to any door, but cannot make up for a specialist soundproof door, similar to those you will find in police station interview rooms
  • Using products like CS-Soundwall for walls and ceilings, in combination with acoustic door seals will help with sound transmission more effectively than using only one of these methods

Contact us today to discuss your soundproofing and internal acoustic requirements. We have acoustic experts on hand to advise on the right product choice and method

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