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We offer a huge range of acoustic baffles which are available to buy online

Acoustic baffles are suspended from ceilings and are an excellent choice for absorption in high ceiling spaces or where wall spaces are unavailable for treatment. Hung using adjustable wires, there are many design options for baffles which can be used as a focal centre piece of a room or installed discretely to blend in

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Acoustic baffles installation examples









Where to install

Baffles are perfect for installation:

  • In large atria
  • In reception areas where wall panel installations and wall-to-wall ceilings aren’t possible
  • Where baffles are desired as part of a design process
  • To add ‘texture’ and dimensional elements to a ceiling

Autex Fontier is an excellent absorber with a high absorbing surface area due to their vertical hanging.

Because of how they are installed, baffles absorb sound directly from source and sound which has already reflected from other surfaces. This maximises their absorbing capacity and, when installed at the recommended distances between them, (centres)  makes them highly effective, practical and cost-effective.

Our in-house acoustics team are on hand to guide you through product choice and can help with any acoustic/soundproofing project from start to finish. We have the product and installation know-how to offer impartial and practical guidance on all aspects of acoustics and soundproofing. With the wealth of experience available in the office, there isn’t an acoustic problem we haven’t solved.

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