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Abstracta products available to buy online now 

Formed in Sweden in 1972, Abstracta are known for their design-led acoustic solutions which offer unique treatment options for reverberation issues.

As awareness of the need for workplaces to be acoustically sound for the health and well being of employees, Abstracta have cornered the market in many areas by offering their solutions by solving the needs of businesses in a way that not only provides an excellent acoustic treatment but aesthetically as well.

We are pleased to offer the Abstracta range, if there is a product you would like but do not see on the site, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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Most popular Abstract products and their use

Scala Wall and Scala Ceiling Acoustic Wall Panels and Rafts

Corrugated acoustic material with a design-led focus, Scala comes available for wall mounting with a range of sizes and colour or for ceiling suspension (with a choice of integrated light or not).

Air Range Acoustic Screens

Air is a range of suspended acoustic office dividers. Perfect for increasing productivity and privacy without losing the feel of the office and team togetherness. Also useful while social distancing is required, they can be used to partition areas of the office and help in the creation of one-way systems in larger open-plan offices.

The air range is fully customisable with regards to colours and how many elements each screen or acoustic divider has. The sky is the limit for design possibilities.

Abstracta Lily

Now an iconic acoustic lighting option. Lily is large, bold and highly functional, oh and it looks fantastic above an office table.  Improving privacy, productivity and work place well-being, Lily is an excellent choice for acoustic lighting. Available with or without the lighting elements, Lilys can be combined with a mixture of lighted and non-lighted versions to create unique and striking designs.

Fully recyclable, Lily also causes no emissions to air, water or soil during its manufacture. This is part of our carbon promise in that we will strive to ensure ClearSound’s carbon footprint is always kept to a minimum. We have a range of sustainable products which minimise transport miles and unnecessary journeys.

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